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According to the American Cancer Society, the federal government is the largest funder of cancer research. The purpose of CARG Advocacy is to ensure that representatives and federal policymakers continue to prioritize cancer research and address the need for a concerted effort to improve the quality of care for older adults with cancer. As the number of older adults continues to rise, so too will the incidence of cancer. This has enormous workforce, economic, and public health implications. The country’s leadership needs to strengthen the infrastructure, encourage appropriate research and allocate resources to meet the healthcare demands of an aging population.
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The Mission Statement of CARG Advocacy

The CARG Advocacy Committee aims to improve the quality of care and outcomes of older adults with cancer through the identification of gaps in the quality and utilization of services and treatments accessed by this vulnerable population, with the determination to share our findings with the oncology community of clinicians, researchers and service providers, as well as policy makers and all stakeholders to ensure positive action is taken to improve infrastructures and resource allocation to directly address these gaps, and best serve older adults with cancer.

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