CARG Conference

Since 2018 the Cancer and Aging Research Group has meet every other year for the CARG Conference. This conference has served as a gathering to continue building the infrastructure and to celebrate our accomplishments. During these conferences we have also addressed any significant or developing issues within the geriatric oncology community.

Drs. William Dale, Supriya Mohile, Heidi Klepin, and the late Dr. Arti Hurria (2018 Conference), CARG Co-Principal Investigators, have led planning for each of the three conferences with input from the constituent groups that comprise CARG.


  • Solidify the infrastructure and expertise, in the form of Cores, needed to facilitate the design of impactful aging and cancer research based on U13 priorities
  • Utilize the sustainable infrastructure to foster collaborations among a range of interdisciplinary investigators across the nation to accelerate innovative research in aging and cancer
  • Support and guide high-priority research projects at the interface of aging and cancer to lay the foundation for competitive multi-site studies
  • Identify, cultivate, and mentor investigators in aging and cancer research
  • Disseminate through effective communication strategies the research findings and data-sharing opportunities to the larger community




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