Supportive Care Core

Behavioral, Psychological, and Supportive Care Interventions
Aging and cancer research is poised to create effective interventions to improve health outcomes. Areas with great promise are interventions from the behavioral (e.g. exercise), psychological (e.g. delirium avoidance), and supportive care (e.g. early palliative care) arenas. Designing such intervention studies for vulnerable older adults requires care and expertise in aging applied early in research study design.


  • Provide expertise and guidance in field of non-pharmacological interventions
  • Support investigators in design and conduct of studies that evaluate interventions in behavioral, psychological, and supportive care domains to improve outcomes of older adults with cancer


  • Serve as contact point for researchers and support them by providing direct input through consultation services or connecting them to outside expertise when not available in Core
  • Link researchers to existing resources and provide young investigators with adequate support within and outside institutions
  • Provide investigators with expertise in recruitment strategies
  • Mentoring investigators and linking them with other core members if needed
  • Provide recommendations and guidance in various areas (study design, eligibility criteria, intervention development and adaption, intervention quality and fidelity, outcomes, assessment tools)



Aminah Jatoi, MD
Core Co-Chair

Jessica Krok-Schoen, PhD, MA
Junior Investigator Lead

Amber Kleckner, PhD

Corinne Leach, MS, PhD, MPH
Organizational Liaisons

Dori Beeler, MD

Erin Stevens, DO

Mary Whitehead, BFA
Patient Advocate Board: SCOREboard Member

Sindhuja Kadambi, MD, MS

Smith Giri, MD, MHS

Valerie Targia
Patient Advocate Board: SCOREboard Member


  • Elias R, Loh KP, Targia V, Whitehead M, Canin B, Jatoi A, Loscalzo M, Mohile S. Behavioral, psychological, and supportive care interventions in geriatric oncology: The cancer and aging group infrastructure core. J Geriatr Oncol. 2019;. doi: 10.1016/j.jgo.2019.07.019. Link
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