Chemo-Toxicity Calculator

The Chemo-Toxicity Calculator is a pre-chemotherapy assessment that captures sociodemographics, tumor/treatment variables, laboratory test results (hemoglobin, creatinine clearance), and geriatric assessment variables (function, comorbidity, cognition, psychological state, social activity/support, and nutritional status). The Chemo-Toxicity Calculator is based on the results of a study which enrolled 500 patients across seven participating institutions, in order to identify factors that predict risk of severe chemotherapy-related side effects in older adults with cancer (Hurria et al. JCO 2011). The results from this study were identified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s as one of the Clinical Cancer Advances in 2012. Having this predictive model that incorporates geriatric and oncologic correlates of vulnerability to chemotherapy toxicity in older adults could help both the healthcare provider and the patient weigh the benefits and risks of chemotherapy treatment. Our ultimate goal is to utilize this Chemo-Toxicity Calculator in clinical practice, where it can be used as a part of shared decision-making.

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