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This five-year NIH/NIA R21/R33 (1R21AG059206) grant is important because older patients, especially those with significant age-associated vulnerabilities, remain vastly under-represented in research that sets the standards for the safety and efficacy of cancer treatments and supportive care interventions. The Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG) has received support from a National Institute on Aging R21/R33 grant to develop a national infrastructure in the US for geriatric oncology research. The grant was awarded to our own CARG leaders, Drs. William Dale, Arti Hurria, and Supriya Mohile. With the loss of our dear colleague, we are committed to provide a national structure for continuing to build the field through research, mentorship, and dissemination. For the R33 phase, Drs. Dale and Mohile have asked Dr. Heidi Klepin to join the grant as MPI. This infrastructure will be developed through 6 dedicated Cores [Leadership, Aging Measures, Supportive Care, Health Services, Analytics, and Communication] that will serve as a central resource of available expertise and propel high-impact, interdisciplinary, collaborative research in geriatric oncology.

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