Emotional Support Resources


Depression and Older Adults (National Institute on Aging)
Isolation-Induced Depression In Seniors (Aging In Place)
Senior Depression: Overlooked, Different and Not Normal (SeniorLiving.org)
How Should We Address Elder Abuse? One State’s Efforts (HealthAffairs)
Supports and Tools for Elder Abuse Prevention (University of Southern California)
Mourning the Death of a Spouse (National Institute on Aging)
Coping with Grief and Loss (HelpGuide.org)
Depression in Older Adults (How to recognize the signs and get treatment that works)
Depression (Presented by the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education)
Elder Abuse
Mourning the Death of a Spouse
How to Get Mental Health Care (City of Hope)
Social Support Tied to Better Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients (Ackerman Cancer Center)
Social Support – What is Social Support? (Susan G. Komen)
Communication with Others as You Near the End of Life (American Cancer Society) (American Cancer Society)
Aging and Your Eyes (National Institute on Aging (NIA))
Managing Mental Health After a Cancer Diagnosis (Georgetown University School of Nursing)
When Your Golden Years Feel Blue: Recognizing and Battling Depression in the Elderly (RetireGuide)

Community Resources

Support Groups
Find Help (Search for support groups in your area)
Support Groups for Seniors (A resource for finding support groups for seniors)
Advocacy and Support Groups (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)
Support Groups (Family Caregiver Alliance)
Online/Telephone Support Groups (CancerCare)
Cancer Support Community (Support, education and hope for people with cancer and caregivers)
LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation (LIVESTRONG Foundation)

Getting Professional Help

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