American Cancer Society

  • Eat Healthy and Get Active recommendations on their website

American Geriatrics Society

  • Guiding Principles for the Care of Older Adults with Multimorbidity
  • Beers list of potentially inappropriate medications in older adults

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

  • Guidelines for Cancer Survivors
  • Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines

American Society of Clinical Oncology

  • Links to ASCO’s geriatric oncology resources

Area Agency on Aging

  • Elder Locator Resource Center
  • Finding help in your community for a variety of services for older adults

The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing – Try This Series

  • Katz Index of Activities of Daily Living
  • Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale
  • Cognition tools: Mini-Cog and MoCA
  • Geriatric Depression Scale (15 questions)
  • Fulmer SPICES: An Overall Assessment Tool for Older Adults

International Society of Geriatric Oncology

  • Geriatric Assessments including G8

National Cancer Institute

  • NCI Nutrition in Cancer Care (PDQ)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Older Adult Oncology Guidelines

  • Life Expectancy chart, Cognition guidelines, Geriatric Assessment

Nestlé Nutrition Institute

  • Mini Nutritional Assessment




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