The U13 Grant

The U13 grant, “Geriatric Oncology Research to Improve Clinical Care,” is a cooperative conference grant between the Cancer and Aging Research Group in collaboration with the Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology branch of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The mission of this conference grant program is to provide a forum for a multidisciplinary team of investigators in geriatrics and oncology to review the present level of evidence in geriatric oncology, identify areas of highest research priority, and develop research approaches to improve clinical care for older adults with cancer within the next 10 years.

The Goals of the Conference Grant

The goals of the conference grant are:
1. To identify the present level of evidence and areas of high research priority in geriatric oncology
2. To identify strengths in research methodology, from fields of geriatrics and oncology, that can be applied and integrated into research studies involving older adults with cancer
3. To foster collaboration between multidisciplinary scholarly teams, with a focus on shared research methods to be utilized across studies in geriatric oncology
4. To foster and promote the research of existing and new investigators in geriatric oncology
5. To disseminate findings from this conference grant program with easily adaptable recommendations to strengthen geriatric oncology research methodology


The topics for the conference series include:
1. Biological, Clinical, and Psychosocial Correlates at the Interface of Aging and Cancer Research
2. Design and Implementation of Therapeutic Clinical Trials for Older and/or/ Frail Adults with Cancer
3 .Design and Implementation of Intervention Studies to Maintain or Improve the Quality of Survival of Older and/or Frail Adults with Cancer.

The conference series is led by an Oversight Board consisting of members from the NIA, NCI, and CARG, as well as other organizations dedicated to geriatrics and/or oncology (AGS, ASCO, SIOG, AACR).

The Cancer and Aging Research Group Conference 2012 Agenda Day 1





A. Hurria Welcome Speech Welcome: U13 Goals and Mission
A. Hurria Opening Session Goals of Conference
W. Dale, S. Mohile Highlights Highlights from Conference One
S. Lichtman, H. Muss Clinical Trials Why Do We Need Separate Clinical Trials for Older Adults?
L. Balducci Geriatric Oncology Geriatric Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Older Adults
B. Ferrell Clinical Trials QOL Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Older Adults
J. Rowland Clinical Trials Capturing Survivorship Issues in Older Patients in Therapeutic Trials
S. Ellenberg Clinical Trials Statistical Considerations in Novel Endpoints
All Discussion Moderated Discussion
H. Muss, C. Owusu, A. Hurria, G. Kimmick, A. Shahrokni, M. Barginear, E. Mrozek Solid Tumors Breast
W. Dale, W. Stadler, D. Shepard, J. van Londen, C. Presley, S. Sajid Solid Tumors Prostate
A. Gajra, M. Koczywas, A. Naeim, R. Maggiore, A. Magnuson, K. Ballman Solid Tumors Lung
S. Mohile, M. Rodin, R. Goldberg, J. Hubbard, E. Dotan Solid Tumors Colon
K. Ballman Solid Tumors Design and Statistics Discussion

Day 2