The Cancer and Aging Research Group Conference 2010 Agenda Day 1





A. Hurria, W. Dale, S. Mohile Welcome Speech Welcome:  U13 Goals and Mission
W. Dale, R. Schilsky Opening Session
Goals of Conference No Video
R. Schilsky

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Oncology The Interface of Cancer and Aging:  The Cooperative Group Perspective   
B. Eldadah

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NIA  Geriatric Oncology Research:  Perspectives from the NIA
E. Trimble

Download Bio - Trimble, Edward Ted

Geriatric Oncology Research:  Perspectives from the NCI
S. Mohile

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Geriatric Oncology
Frailty and Functional Losses in Cancer
C. Gross

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Internal Medicine Co-morbidities and Cancer  
T. Ahles

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Psychology  Cognitive Changes and Cancer
J. Holland

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Psychiatry  Quality of Life in Older Adults with Cancer
K. Schmader

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Geriatrics  Polypharmacy in Older Adults with Cancer
J. Campisi

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Basic Science  Understanding the Common Biological Mechanisms Between Cancer and Aging  
L. Ferrucci

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Geriatrics  Biological Markers of Aging Incorporated into Cancer Clinical Trials  
M. Extermann

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Geriatric Oncology  Designing Clinical Trials to Inform Age-Related Changes in Cancer Biology
R. Stone

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 Hematology  Biology of AML with Aging
       Day 2